Our company

Many companies search for a purpose. We were born with one, to change the world for the better.

Who Are We?

E-Glas d.o.o. is a company focused on developing intelligent computer systems and assistive technology. We were founded in July 2009 by a group of scientists from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka.


We bring together highly educated experts in the fields of:

  • information and communication technologies,
  • digital signal processing,
  • speech recognition and synthesis,
  • acoustics,
  • electronics and automation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to combine knowledge and technology to support a greater cause – helping children and people with disabilities in becoming more independent.

Our Qualities

  • Cooperation


    In order to provide the best quality services and highly usable products, we cooperate with various experts from different fields, such as rehabilitation and education area.

  • Education


    With the purpose of being up to date with the latest and upcoming technology trends, our team individuals are continuously educating and improving their skills to enlarge their work efficiency.

  • Experience


    In our years of work in the field of computer science and assistive technology, we gained a large amount of knowledge and experience, which helps us today in adjusting our services to perfectly fit the needs of our customers.


What drives us?

We are passionate and highly motivated to use our expertise in developing solutions with the purpose of easing and enriching one's quality of everyday life.

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